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Our Story
Subaru BRZ near an open field.

We started out as two high school aged brothers in the garage standing around our friends recently purchased '91 Honda Civic hatchback. He wanted to tune it up and we were willing to help. We had no idea what we were doing back then, but we scoured the internet for tutorials and how-tos and eventually figured out how to install an after-market muffler. We continued with our hands-on learning and installed a turbo, lowered it and added a spoiler and ground effects. We were hooked and have been ever since!

Subaru BRZ at the coast.

We loved it so much that we started dreaming of opening our own car shop. After scraping together enough cash for some decent tools, we started getting more interest from our friends. Eventually the word got around that we could modify cars and were really good at it. We started getting so many customers that we couldn't keep working in the garage because the neighbors were complaining! So we rented a garage and opened up Inner City Auto Works. It's been awhile since high school, but we still love what we do!

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What We Do
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